Ongoing Projects

Adana Water Dam & Irrigation Channels


LAKE AREA : 67.820 m²
LAKE VOLUME : 1.200 m³
Seyhan Dam is an earth fill dam which is built to recover 850 000 acres of land 15 km above the former Adana and also Adana city from flooding of Seyhan River.

Seyhan Dam was opened in 8 April 1956 and had been completed in 974 days. It costed of 25 million dollars. The dam body volume is 7.5 million m³, river bed elevation is 53.20 m, normal water level of lake volume is 1200.00hm³, normal water level in the lake area is 67.82 km² respectively. With the capacity of the dam 174 000 hectare land is irrigated. It has 18MW of three units (one of them is a spare.)

Hydroelectric Power Plant, produces 54 MW electrical power with a total of 350 GWh in a year.

The Dam has been hosting second leg of Turkey Offshore Championship since 2006.
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