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Antalya EXPO 2016 Congress Center

Antalya - TURKEY

BUILDING AREA : 35.000 m²
Antalya EXPO 2016 Congress Center consists of 35,000 m² closed and 8,500 m² open areas. The Congress Center features 3,885 m² main hall with 5003 seats and the stage; additionally there are two 116 m² halls with 50 seats and one 750 m² hall with 780 seats that can be divided by movable partition walls. The Congress Center provides eight meeting rooms total including six 60 m² rooms with 40 seats, and two 118 m² rooms with 60 seats. Other features of the Congress Center include 919 m² restaurant with 300 seats, three 1000 m² inner gardens with the capacity of 1000 people. The project is completed in 9 months.
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