Ongoing Projects

Taca Office Antalya


BUILDING AREA : 2.000 m²
• Office
• Conference and Meeting Room
• Cafeteria
• Car Park
• Archive
• Store

Before totally moving to Levent, Istanbul, the Antalya office was located in the Caglayan district and was built by TACA in 2002 specifically for then ongoing hospitality projects in the Antalya region. In support of the Main Office in Istanbul, the Antalya Office now serves as the Human Resources and Training Center for TACA's ongoing projects and includes divisions such as Quality Control, Health & Safety, Procurement, Logistics, Job site hiring and Tender Bidding from the 2nd technical office of TACA architects and engineers. The 2.000 m² building houses multiple offices, conference rooms, cafeteria and parking areas. TACA maintains separate secure archive and storage facilities for its machine park and construction materials inventory as well as warehouse space for items such as mock-up construction displays.

TACA Construction Inc. was founded in 1988 and has since delivered over 1.126.278 m² / 12.118.750 sf of quality building construction. 2013 is celebration year of TACA's 25th silver anniversary.
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