Ongoing Projects

Customer Policy

Client satisfaction has always been the principal objective that shapes the direction of the delivery process on all TACA Projects. We strive to achieve this on each project, using various methods and programs utilized by our professional and qualified personnel that lead to a high quality end product which exceeds our client’s requirements. TACA’s performance, satisfied customer praises and repeat Clients have placed TACA at the forefront of the construction industry as one of the most preferred general contractors.

We adopt a flexible approach to our projects that begins with understanding the Client’s requirements in detail and then our team of experts develops the most innovative and suitable engineering technology and procedures to deliver a high quality product to the Client per the identified prerequisites and requirements.

At TACA Construction we seek to increase our client portfolio by continuously monitoring and keeping ourselves up to date with the latest technological developments, procurement methods and innovations in the industry in order to present the best cutting-edge solutions to our clients. Our general policy is always to equip ourselves with current information, data, construction technology and expertise and then transfer this knowledge into operational capability, resulting in TACA’s project delivery at high speed, high quality and at a high standard of durability and sustainability, ensuring customer satisfaction.
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