Ongoing Projects

Batman Oil Refinery

Batman Refinery opened in 1955, the annual processing capacity of 330 thousand tons of crude oil has the distinction of being the first refinery in Turkey. With debottlenecking project in 1960 and the commissioning of the new Batman Refinery Crude Oil Processing Unit in 1972, the annual crude oil processing capacity reached 1.1 million tons / year.

In 2011, 946 thousand tons of crude oil has been processed which is the highest tons processed in recent years. Weighted according to the standards in order to make the bitumen and naphtha sent Kırıkkale Refinery, consisting of approximately 910 thousand tons of diesel oil and intermediate products were produced. Batman Refinery, which has the advantage of proximity to the source of domestic crude oil, due to lack of conversion units, configuration is simple and Nelson complexity index was 1.83.
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